Thursday, September 22, 2016

Skeletal Petitions .....

My friend Dr Nutsure Satwik posted this .  A  classic example of how different people perceive a given visual differently.  

He wanted to convey that this pose was a classic pose of someone waiting for an answer . And that , at the end of life, this was all that remained , the exact weight of a person , plus , as he says about 500 gms of carbon element.  Everything else, the ego, the power et al, simply evaporates into nothingness .

Not being a medical person, my immediate impression was about how young the person was, how bare everything was , and how despite it all , there was a sense of unanswered questions that the skeleton had.  The skeleton had an expression , if such a thing is possible, and the words just poured out of my keyboard. 

Perhaps it was Nirbhaya and Delhi, and the thought process happened in Hindi...

जाने वोह कैसी आँखें थी ,
जिन्होंने वह डाकुओंको देखा
जिन्होंने मेरी अबोधता और बचपन लूटा। ..
जाने वह कैसा नाक था ,
जिसे बुराई की अमङ्गल बदबू आयी. ..
जाने वह कैसा मुँह था ,
जिससे भरवाए दुपट्टे के कारण
आवाज़ निकल नहीं पाया।

मै बैठी हूँ ,
बिना हृदयी , बिना श्वास , बिना पानी ,
हताश विचारमग्न ,
और रोज जो लड़कियों के साथ हो रहा है
वह देख कर सोचती हूँ,
"हे भगवान् , मुझे एक दो हड्डियां कम दे,
लेकिन कौमार्य लूटने वाले डाकुओंका
आतेही गला काट सके ,
ऐसा कुछ शरीर का अंग दे। ..."

काश, आप मेरे जैसे हड्डी सम्पन्न शक्स को
फिर ऐसे यहां बैठे हुए नहीं देखेंगे ....

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Guavas For Peace

My friend Braja Sorenson , of Mayapur, Bengal, recently posted  these photos of guava sellers . 

Two fellows,  across 7 years and about  2000 kms apart.  The one of the left, selling guavas in Kolkata , in 2009 , and the one on the right , in Udipi, in the South, in 2016.  

If guavas were in fashion,  this would have won a prize from some ad authority.

She clicked both these photos !

United in their  brilliantly perceptive  shirt colors,  dedicated to guavas ,  all unknown to each other , they stand, as a shining example , of the peace loving ordinary person ,  despite their tendency to cut and add masalas in the guavas.  

But there is a deeper meaning. 

In a world,
the crookedest
and powerful
a pristine white
across the land;

in a world were
is forced on those
who must prove their faith
from head to toe;

in a world where
saffron and green ,
red white and blue ,
are not just colors
but allegiances,
and reasons for clashes;

do celebrate this
Brotherhood of Guava Sellers.

At the end of the Day,
we get to eat the delicious guavas,
and no one even asks
if the popular guavas 

 are communal or secular.

National Guavas For Peace.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fashion : Dumb and Dumber

Came across this photograph of one of our celebrities , doesnt matter who, emerging from a lunch at some kind of posh place in Bandra. 

What boggled the mind is the extent to which anything passes of as fashion today, so long as some show business type in the west does it and you ape it.

We have such wonderful fabrics, and varieties of traditional and modern outfits worn in wonderful ways.  And this is clearly a slap on the face.

Perhaps as a friend  mentioned,  "Trying to empathise with those who can't afford to wear clothes which are not torn . That's in thing today -"

Odd way to show empathy.  If cut properly, you can make 2 kids pants out of these jeans.  Just saying ...

In fact if I were the kid in the foto, a few years later I would be mortified to see this.   But wait. Perhaps , there will be a kids version of torn , shredded pants..." 

कधी काळी
अथक परिश्रम,
घामाच्या धारा ,
एक वेळचेच जेवण,
कंदिलात अभ्यास ,
दोनच कपडे आणि
रात्री धुऊन ते पुन्हा घालणे ,
शिवणी घालून रफ़ू करून वापरणे ,
ह्या सगळ्यामुळे आयुष्यात पुढे येणे ,
शिकणे ,
आणि चांगले दिवस बघणे �
ह्याला प्रगती/उन्नती म्हणायचे.

आता मुद्दाम महागड्या
चांगल्या कपड्याना कात्री लावणे,
त्याच्यावर डाग पाडणे,
लोम्बती लक्तरे घालून,
एखाद्या वडापावला
कोणाच्या तरी आठवड्याच्या अन्नखर्चा इतकी
किंमत मोजणे ,
आणि "जरा सरकून घेणार का " असे ऐकल्यावर
"व्वा! "सरकून"? नवीन वाईन का ?"
असे उत्तर देणे ,
याला उन्नती म्हणतात .

खरं खोटं �माहित नाही,
पण कोणाच्या तरी डोक्यात
लक्तरे उदंड झाली आहेत ...
Stupid me.

At one point
progress was all about
intense effort,
endless perspiration,
affording one meal-a-day,
studying by candlelight,
owning just 2 pairs of clothes,
washing them at night,
mending and darning them,
and then one day,
finishing your education,
learning values,
and coming up in the world .

it is about ,
deliberately cutting good clothes,
creating spots on them,
wearing them with torn pieces
hanging down ,
eating in posh places
paying the equivalence
of someones weekly food expense,
for a proletarian Vada Pao,
and when someone says ,
in Mumabi Train lingo,
"Jara Sarkun Ghenaar ka ?" **
they answer,
"OOOOH! Is that the new wine ? "...

Very clearly,
someone's cortex
appears to be overflowing
with torn and shredded neurons
ripping at the synapse. .

**"Jara 'Sarkun' Ghenaar ka ?" Literally translated as "Will you have a bit of Sarkun?", but is actually a typical phrase used by those who travel in Mumbai's supercrowded suburban trains, and end up asking folks sitting in a 3 seater bench, to move a little and create marginal space for a fourth person; anything to rest a tired body ..."Can you shift a bit ?"

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

कडधान्यांचे ऑलिम्पिक ...

माझी मैत्रीण , कर्काळ , कर्नाटक, येथे राहणारी , शची फडके , हिने परवा हा खालील फोटो पोस्ट केला , आणि सर्वांना ओळखायला सांगितले. 

प्रथम दर्शनी  एखाद्या सागरी प्राण्यासारखा दिसणारा हा पदार्थ ,  प्राणी तर नव्हताच.  मग सगळ्यांना आलेले मोड दिसले , आणि तरी कुठले कडधान्य ते कळेना  ! 

गौप्य्स्फोट !  हे मोडे आलेले कुळीथ आहेत !  भिजवून, चाळणीतून काढून, एका स्वच्छ  फडक्यात  घट्ट बांधून एका उबदार ठिकाणी ठेवल्यावर , मोडाना  स्फुरण चढते, आणि कशालाही न जुमानता ते  विजय पुकारत सूक्ष्मत सूक्ष्म जागांतून जणू पदकं घेऊन बाहेर पडतात .  

तरीच. कोणाची तरी प्रेरणा असणारच ..... 


सिंधू, दीपा आणि अदिती
यांच्या पासून प्रेरणा घेऊन ,
अथक परिश्रम करून,
समाजाच्या, चाळणीच्या आणि
विवध फडक्यांच्या अन्याय्य अपेक्षांना
धीराने तोंड देऊन ,
चमकदार खेळी करून,
फेअर आणि लव्हली फडक्याला
उत्कृष्ट प्रकारे हरवून ,
सुवर्ण पदक मिळवणारे
कुळीथाचे  मोड !

ता . क. कुळीथाच्या  जागी मसूर, चवळी , वाल  असले तरी सुवर्णपदक ग्यारंटीड आहे

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Udta Batman.....

It is a  truth, universally acknowledged, that constantly running with handlewala wooden pieces between 22 yards, might inculcate , in the concerned sports persons,  a desperate urge to break out and run miles, fling javelins,  shoot targets,  kick balls, heave hefty balls with bare hands, leap over hurdles, wrestle with sledging opponents, and perhaps do somersaults over bars instead of on the green. 

Perhaps, in this photograph below ,  our Cricket Capt.  Kool ,  is trying to send a message. 

(I always thought there was too much cricket going on , anyway......)

They leap,
They tumble,
They run,
They jump
They dive,
They crash,
They slide,
They swing,
They fling,
They spin
(though not themselves)...

Perhaps it indicates
an inborn desire
to Olympisize.

Here is a javelin throw
by someone
considered Captain Cool .

And the red cherry,
hanging around near the
nudges the bails ,
and says ,
"Aiiyo ! Udtaa "Bat"man dekh"!

The willow ,
with that stiff upper lip,

Monday, August 8, 2016

A "Jaata" goes to London जातं निघालं लंडनला

While most of us today consider readymade flours as a sign of development , and some visit chakkis where the flour gets heated under heavy duty grinding, there are some like my friend Preeti Deo,  who realize how there is an optimum ideal speed at which grains which are being ground, give their nutritional best .

Most of us have seen these grinding wheel sets (called  जातं) in our houses in our childhood.  Preeti just got one made especially for her, of a size easy to transport in a bag, across the seas. It isn't easy. (Ask me. I didn't fly, but lugged a huge chutney stone belonging to my mother's kitchen, in a shoulder bag, by train from Pune, and thence by a crowded Central Railway second class local train. Years ago. )

It takes a lot of will,  scheduling abilities , and  belief in traditional methods to do all this.   Preeti has a lot of that, and here's wishing her the very best of fulkas, bhakris, modaks, thalipeeths , dhirdees , etc  !

Sometimes , it also results in verse.


PC : Preeti Deo

राणीच्या देशातले गहू
न राहवून, बंद पिशवीतून
बाहेर पडायच्या प्रचंड प्रयत्नात ,
चण्याची डाळ फणकारून
ज्वारी तांदूळ लोकांना बजावून
क्यू मध्ये येण्याची आठवण करते ,
नाचणी, वरी, राजगिरा मंडळी
"मेरा नंबर कब आयेगा ?" च्या अविर्भावात
फळीवर उभी .

जगात , पहिल्यांदाच ,
लेडी प्रीती-इन-वेटिंग, च्या सामानातून
टाकीचा ठोके-मुकुट लाऊन
"महाराणी जाते" चा
समुद्रापलीकडे प्रवास
आणि जरूर पडल्यास
हिथ्रोला वापरायला एक दांडा .

पूर्वी लोक प्रायश्चित्त करायची.
आता तर मेतकूट , भाजणी आणि कुळथाचं
पीठ करतात..... !
 Tory grains of wheat,
(the farmers are the Labour Party),
straining at the edge
of a bag,
to emerge and rush in;
A bossy Chana Daal
bullying the
Jowar and Rice grains
and forcing them
to come in a queue;
then the proletarian millets,
Barnyard, Finger and Amaranth,
patiently waiting
their turn
on a kitchen shelf.

For the first time,
in the world,
a "Jaata" Stone Grinder Wheel,
after its Coronation,
with a Taki Crown,
making its way to the UK,
with the Lady-in-Waiting,
Lady Preeti.

An official Danda,
joins them,
for use at Heathrow
if needed.

Thousands of moons ago,
those travelling thus
had to perform penance
to atone for their
travel .

Today ,
they simply perform miracles
like Metkut,Bhaajani, and Kuleeth Peeth ....

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lord of the Churnings and Flutes....

My friend Shilpa Karkare , lives in a 200 year old house , in the midst of the wild Kokan greens at Tural , near Sangamaeshwar, close to Ratnagiri. The house has been carefully preserved and lived in , and she is currently putting up photos of original household implements and utensils , used by her ancestors.  She calls this the "Old is Gold"  display.  

The homestead is also home to Rustic Holidays Homestays, which welcomes visitors to come and experience Life in Kokan, with local community participation, traditional foods and customs.

The picture below is of a traditional buttermilk churning system, where a rope system, is alternately pulled by a person, and it churns the Mathni (big wooden ravi/churner) within a big earthenware pot that contains a rich dahi . The kitchen platforms of old, were below knee level.  I have seen such in my childhood, before the advent of waist level platforms, ergonomic analysis, modular kitchens and mixers/blenders. 

While we only hear the electric whirling speed noises today, the music of the churning takes one back to a gentle sound of a Flute playing somewhere.

Where ? Read on .....

कोणी म्हणतं
कोकणच्या हिरवाईत पावसाळ्यात
वारा उंडारला कि
मुरलीचं संगीत कानावर पडतं ..

सैपाकघराच्या एका कोनाड्यात
पृथ्वीच्या आकाराच्या विशाल मटक्यात
स्थानापन्न झालेले एक सायसंपन्न दही,
लाजत तोंडाशी घुटमळणारी
एक सशक्त लाकडी रवी,
" अग, हो तू पुढे , मी आहे ना मदतीला "
म्हणत तिच्या भोवताली
कौतुकाने फिरणारी दोरी .

दही रवीची भेट ,
उचंबळून एकत्र येणं ,
कोणा एका जाणकार स्त्री ने
दोरी ओढत, थोडे पाणी घालून
रवीला दह्यात गर्गरून दिलेल्या गिरक्या ,
" जा , ताकाई जा ,
कढी-धिरडी-उकड-मट्ठानकडे सुखी राहा "
असं म्हणत आपले विधिलिखित
स्वीकारून लोणी रूपात तरंगत आलेली साय,
आणि मग हळूच
"ये हो, घर तुझेच आहे " म्हणत
तिला कुणा एका युवतीने नाजूकपणे
उचलून घेणे , आणि सटात ठेवणे .....

विश्वात विहारणारा मुरलीधर ,
विजेची फिरणारी आणि फिरवणारी यंत्र ,
स्टीलची पातेली, अल्लुमिनियम चे घडे
आणि प्लास्टिक बघून ,
एक दीर्घ श्वास घेतो ,
आणि कोकणच्या दिशेने मार्गी होतो.

तिथे गोपी नसल्या तरी शिल्पा असते ,
आणि मग तो
आनंदाने कोकणच्या हिरवाईत रममाण होतो
आणि ओठाला मुरली लावतो.

म्हणतात न ,
कोकणच्या हिरवाईत पावसाळ्यात
वारा उंडारला कि
मुरलीचं संगीत कानावर पडतं ..
Some say
when the monsoon wind
wanders wild
through the Kokan Forest Greens,
one can hear
the Music of the Flute. 

And then,
in a wide corner
of an old Kokan kitchen,
a rich fat-filled dahi
sitting complacent
in a rotund earthy matkaa ,
a pure wooden churner,
a slim but tough MathNee ,
shyly loitering at its mouth ,
only to have a
a flexiwrapping rope
wrap herself around her
several times
" Go ahead, go in,
I am here to help ...."

And then
the preordained meeting
of the Dahi and MathNee,
a tumultuous explosion
as they churn in joy;
the lady of the house,
pulls the ropes  and adds water
to help them along.

The newborn butter,
floating to the surface,
as Dahi blesses it,
wishing the Lady buttermilk Godspeed
as she makes her way
to a life of
Kadhi, Dhirda, Ukad and Matthaa.

A quiet cupping of dainty palms,
a heartfelt invite
to come home,
and the Butter rests outside
in a porcelain bowl
after a tiring birth.

The Fluteplaying Lord,
pervading across the Universe,
disdainfully notices
the electric churners,
the steel,
the aluminum,
the plastic,
and takes a deep breath
before getting back
to his Kokan Forest Greens.

The Gopis are not there,
but Shilpa is ;
and he smiles,
and puts the flute to his lips.

Like some say,
when the monsoon wind
wanders wild
through the Kokan Forest Greens,
one can hear
the Music of the Flute.   

Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Masala Unity मसाला एकीकरण समिती

Ever prepared three different stuffed veggies in a single unified dish ?  NO ?  My friend Shruti Nargundkar of Melbourne, actually did this, put a picture, gave clues via a Marathi short poem, and challenged  folks to guess what veggies had participated. 

The clue : 

दोन गावरान गब्रू , एक पाहुणा भाऊ
मसाला भरून तेलात शिजले बरे मऊ
एक गोड कोवळा तर दुसरा जहर कडू
पाहूणा आंबट हिरवा, कच्चाच खेळाडू
पोखरून मसाले भरून फोडणीत पडले
भेदभाव संपवून ग्रेव्हीशी समरस झाले
चमचमीत भाजी झाली भारी चटकन
शिलेदार अनोखे ओळखा पाहू पटकन!

While scores of ladies went ballistic guessing the stuff over a couple of hours, turns out that the answer was, green tomato,  bitter gourd(karela) , and snake gourd (padwal). 

Naturally, one looked for a lesson in all this . Then i found it, first in Marathi, and then in English.

काही भरदार , गोल, आणि लठ्ठ,
काही कमनीय पण काटेदार ,
काही लांबसडक , लवचिक आणि फिके.

एकमेकाला ओझरते दृष्टीक्षेप फेकत
राजकारण्यांसारखे खलबते करत
एकमेकांशी न बोलत
फ्रीजच्या एका खणात.

मग सौ नरगुंदकर सभापत्नींचे आगमन ,
गलेलठ्ठ गोल कच्च्या टोमॅटोची
बारियाट्रिक गरी शस्त्रक्रिया ,
कमनीय काटेदार कारल्याच्या बियांना सोडवणे ,
आणि लांबसडक पडवळाची ,
आई ग ऊई ग ला न जुमानून
केलेली अंतर्गत सफाई.

सर्वांच्या आपापसात फाटाफुटीचे कारण
समजून घेऊन,
सभापत्नीबाईंनी ,
गर ,बिया, आणि पडवळीय वस्तू
एकत्रित केल्या ,
त्याना बेसन, कांदा, दाणेकूट,
व तिळकूटाचे धडे देऊन,
वर आले, लसूण, मिरची, धने जिरे,
हळद , मिठाचे मार्क देऊन
व्यवस्थित समज दिली ,
आणि मग थोडी दया येऊन
गूळ आणि ओला खोबर्याची ट्रीट .

एकामेकाशी न बोलणारे,
कौतुकाने मसाल्याला तपासून,
स्वतःसाठी भरपूर, काबीज करून
गच्चं भरून बसले.
देशाच्या लंगडीत एकत्र शिजले ,
आणि गुण्या गोविंद्याने वागत
प्लेटीत पोचले.

भारतरत्न जोडी
भाकरीराव आणि पिठलीणबाई
वाट बघून बघून थकलेले ...
पण त्यांना माहीत होतं ,
राजकारणी लोकांना मसाला जनतेला
सोडून काही करता येत नाही.

काय माहीत,
पुढच्या वेळी वांगं निवडून यायचं ....
 Some rotund, hefty and fat,
some shapely, but a bit thorny
some long, dull and spineless.

Disinterested glances,
they sat like politicians,
yet ,ignoring each other
in a refrigerator shelf.

Enter Mrs Nargundkar, the Speaker Ma'am.

Then a bariatric surgery
of the innards
of the green tomato;
a daring rescue
of the seeds of the bitter gourd;
ignoring the pleas,
a scraping and clearing
the plaque
inside the snake gourd.

She puts them all together,
the rescued stuff,
and decides to teach a lesson
with besan, onions,
roasted groundnut and sesame powders,
with some
ginger, garlic, chilly, turmeric,
coriander, cumin
and salt footnotes.
The in a generous mood,
a treat of fresh coconut and jaggery.

The three,
the tomato and gourd cousins,
enamoured of the stuff,
like typical politicians,
rushed to appropriate it
and stuffed themselves
to the gills,
cooking together happily
in the country pan,
arriving in unity
on to the plate .

Our Bharat Ratna pair
of Bhakri Rao and Pithlin Bai
had been waiting
with great anticipation,
and understanding.

They knew,
you can't separate
the politicians from the voters.

Who knows ?
Next time a brinjal may get elected ....

अगोबाई ! दारू ?

माझा फेसबुकी मित्र हृषिकेश परांजपे ह्यानी अचानक "अंगत पंगत" ह्या महाराष्ट्रीय / मराठी पारंपरिक स्वयंपाकाच्या ग्रुप मध्ये कोकम रसाचे, लिची रस , लिंबूरस , आणि व्होडका घातलेले एका  कॉकटेलचे फोटो-चित्र टाकले.  मग त्यात अख्खी हिरवी मिरची चिरून घाला असं कोणीतरी सुचवलं .

माझं वय हृषीकेश च्या दुप्पट . लहानपणी  कोणी दारू पितात असा समजलं , की ते  थेट झिंगून पडलेले डोळ्यासमोर दिसायचे. आता त्याचं  हसू येतं . 

घरात नेहमी कुठलेही कोले अथवा दारूचे प्रकार न ठेवणारी  मी , जराशी थबकले .

आणि मग त्यातला विनोद दिसला.   

कोकणातले एक जुनं रातांब्याचं झाड ,
कष्टाने आपली मलूल पाने
लपवत ,

स्वयंपाकघरातील गप्पा ऐकत होतं

गोदाताई जरा दचकल्याच,
आणि गौरीताईं कडे एक
घारा कटाक्ष टाकून
म्हणाल्या ,
"तरी मी अण्णाला सांगत होते ,
बेबीला मुंबईला शिकायला पाठवू नकोस ...
माझ्या मेलीचं ऐकताय कोण? "

गौरीताई चपापल्या ,
कोकम सरबताचा घोट घेऊन
डोक्यात अनेक विचार आले ,
आणि घश्याखाली गेले.

बेबी, एक हुशार मुलगी,
शिकायला आणि नोकरी निमित्त
मुंबईला ,
आणि मग शुभमंगल सावधान !

गोदाताईनी भाजीवर झाकण ठेवलं
आणि रातांब्याच्या झाडाच्या वतीने
कळकळीने उदगारल्या ,
" अगं , कोकम सरबतात लिंबू
हा तर आमचा शोध ,
आणि आता हे कोणाची कोण लिची
पिळून घालतात ,
पेल्यावर कोथिंबीर लटकवतात ,
बर्फ टाकतात ,
आणि मग चक्क दारू घालतात ? "

गौरीताईंच्या हातातून
कोकमचा पेला खळ्ळकन पडला .

रातांब्याच्या झाडाला पाणी शिंपडत ,
शुद्ध करत,
दोघी फिरल्या,
आणि गौरीताई जाता जाता म्हणाल्या ,
"बेबीला म्हणावं ,
शुभमंगल झाल, पण आता सावधान रहा ग !
कोणीतरी सांगत होतं ,
परांजप्यान्चा हृषिकेश ह्यात हिरवी मिरची उभी चिरून घालतो ? ... "

Friday, July 22, 2016

Bhakri Ballads for a Rainy Day

My friend Saee Koranne-Khandekar recently posted a photograph of an "infused Jowar Bhakri";  which is like a  jowar bhakri  made from jowar dough  which is spiced up and revelling in its garlic, chilles, fenugreek and ajwain additions. Patted/rolled/cooked and blooming on a blue flame, there is nothing better than this with a dollop of butter and a bowl of dahi, on a Mumbai monsoon morning.

Saee has recently authored and published a book , "Crumbs ! Bread Stories and recipes for the Indian Kitchen", which contains  exhaustive information and recipes , on Indian "breads" , (like bhakris/thalipeeth et al )  besides what  we may call western breads.  All this, complete with memory narratives that take you right into childhoods and the family kitchen. 

As she says in her post "PS: Recipes and tips for the perfect Bhakri and lots of such variations (and a chapter on my grandmother's childhood memories of the Bhakri in my book, Crumbs!"

A bunch of enthused ladies augmented her post with their own ideas of enhancing the original Jowar Bhakri.  I happened to mention recycling a Baingan Bharta within a Bhakri, and then someone mentioned the Ghatotkach Bhakri. 

Just reminded me of something.

चुलीवरचे महातवा युद्ध.
आत्मसंतुष्ट घडीच्या
कौरव पोळ्या , पुर्या ,
आणि टम्म भरलेले भ्रष्ट दुर्योधनी पराठे.

आणि मग एकीकडे,
वेळीच कामाला येणारी
पांडवांची जोंधळी सेना.

स्वच्छ, स्पष्ट , कदाचित भोळ्या,
साध्या युधिष्टीर भाक्र्या ,
रेखीव पर्णयुक्त, कधी कधी तिखट,
नेमक्या चवीच्या अर्जुन भाक्र्या..
शक्तिमान उडीद आणि सत्तू युक्त
बलशाली भीम भाक्र्या..
थोड्या कमी आडदांड,
पण लसूणी शेपू मेथीवाल्या नकुली भाक्र्या,
आणि लक्षपूर्वक
मेथी, लसूण, आणि ठेचलेलं आयुष्य
पारंगत सहदेवी भाकरीसंग
मिरच्या आणि ओवे .

मग जोंधळे सेनेच्या
तीळ पेरलेल्या
चक्रव्यूही युवा अभिमन्यू भाक्र्या ,

आणि शेवटी
अनेक फोडणीयुद्धातून "परतून"
वापस आलेल्या भाज्या आणि रायती
आपल्या कधी लहान,
तर कधी विशाल देहात
सामावून घेणाऱ्या घटोत्कच भाक्र्या.

महातव्यावरचे तुंबळ युद्ध ,
कौरवांचा तेल तूप शिष्ठाचार,
जोंधळे पांडवांच्या अग्नीवर फुलण्याच्या
तपस्ये सामोर कमीच पडला .

हो. जोंधळे पांडव जिंकले

आणि त्यांचे कृष्णसारथी
शेवटी आपले स्वाभाविक वैशिष्ट्य दाखवणारा
लोण्याचा गोळा घेऊन
आले हे सांगायचे राहूनच गेले .
The Stovetop Maha Griddle Wars.

Complacent, multifold
Kaurava Chapaties,
Puris ,
Stuffed, Corrupt,
Duryodahni Parathas .

On the other side,
standing up
to be counted,
the Pandav Jowar Sena .

Clean, succint,
straightly innocent
simple Yudhishtir Bhakrees;

Chiselled features,
leaf encrusted,
spicy just so, Arjun Bhakrees;

Udid and Sattu empowered
Super Bheem Bhakris ;

A bit less overbearing,
but garlic-dill-fenugreek
incorporated  Nakul Bhakrees ;

And some thoughtful
coming together
of garlic and fenugreek,
amidst chillies and ajawain
having a big crush
on Sahadev Bhakris.

And what do you say
about sesame-in-a-circle
dotted youthful Abhimanyu Bhakrees;

Last but not least,
all the stir-and-cook-weary
vegetables  and salads
amidst his
sometimes small and
sometimes huge
magical body,
Ghatotkach Bhakrees .

Desperate wild battles,
and the
Kaurava protective OilGhee protocol
falls woefully short
of the
Bloom-on-the-Fire Expert
Pandav Protocol.

Yes. The Jowar Bhakri Pandavas won.

What I almost forgot to mention,
is that Krishna,
the Charioteer of Arjun,
was present for the celebration
with his
customary lump of butter.....